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Hudson Leick Fan Community

Come feel the Hudson haze...

Hudson Leick Fans
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This community is for fans of the incredible actress, yoga teacher, and human being that is Heidi Hudson Leick. :) It's a place where Hudson fans can get together, share news and info, and just discuss Hudson and her alter ego Callisto. Be sure to also check out Hudson Leick Online and Healing Heart Yoga Center (where Hudson teaches)!

Upcoming Hudson Events
Nothing at present.

You can also find Hudson's current U.S. TV airing schedule HERE.

A fabulous colorbar from warrior_cat:

Hudson is Leick.

And one from spikeface:

Callisto is Psycho Barbie Love.


Fan Mail:

If you would like to send Hudson a letter, you may now do so at the following address, care of HHY:

Healing Heart Yoga-Hudson
Rotterdam Square Mall
P.O. Box 6155
Schenectady, NY

Be sure to also check out xenites for all your general Xena needs! *pimp pimp* (Yes, I'm a mod there also...)

Community founded/maintained by: abbagirl

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